Wedding Ideas to Make Your Big Day Memorable

For the most, the big day in life comes at once, and it shouldn't be lacking anything that probably makes you regret it later while seeing your wedding photos. 

Even small details and little fun creative ideas can make your big day be remembered for the rest of your life. Apart from the fun games and entertainment ideas, there's much more to do on your wedding day. It can be your venue decor, your wedding theme, and your color scheme that'll put together into a successful story. 

We extensively researched whether you are looking for creative wedding decor ideas or fun and entertaining ways to enjoy your big day. As a result, we found some epic ideas that you should consider to make your wedding memorable. 

Go Beyond the Tradition

White is the dress's color for a bride, which we've seen for ages. So instead, go beyond the tradition and make the bride wear the white dress; let it be the dress with bold colors. 

The bold colors for wedding gowns and suits are trending, making a massive difference. But, your wedding dress isn't just about wearing it for your big day. Think about the photo session you'll see for the rest of your life.

Choose your wedding dress wisely and follow the trends to land on an epic one that'll make you admire yourself later.

Forget After Party

Plan a pre-party instead of going or an after-party. Throw an epic pre-party with your favorite theme and relaxed settings. This way, the guests would be able to know the couple in person and can spend time together.

Think of having a backyard party such as a barbecue party, bone fire, movie night, or even musical night where the couple can also participate in singing. Choose an appropriate theme for the party and decorations that'll help you achieve the vibe you love. 

It's a great way to spend time with the guests and make them feel relaxed and excited about your wedding. 

Fill up your Venue with Butterflies

At wedding events, we are likely to witness balloons being released at a particular moment. You can be creative with this tradition and can replace it with something unique to make it mesmerizing.

Instead of releasing traditional balloons, consider having butterflies of different colors with the contrast to be released at the wedding venue. It will create a perfect mesmerizing scene at the party and an ideal way to be captured in the camera's eye. 

Don't know the moment to release the butterflies? Here's the list of moments to release the butterflies at the wedding. 

  • While making a vow with the partner. 
  • When the couple is being announced as spouses. 
  • At the end of the wedding, when everyone is about to leave. 

Give Surprise That Embeds your Love

People mostly enjoy and remember unconventional things. And, coming up with a surprise for your bride can make everyone appreciate the moments and retain them in everyone's mind for decades. 

Express your love and excitement about getting married to the most beautiful person in your life by surprising them on the big day. You can sing their favorite romantic song with the band's entry or can even play the musical instrument for the bride. 

Just do what you are good at and ensure it will be enjoyed by your significant other and the crowd. Another idea is to start showing some epic dance moves at the venue out of nowhere and surprise the bride. 

Keep the Kids Engaged

One of the essential factors in making the people enjoy the event is to provide them with the ultimate comfort and care. At the wedding, some parents might come along with the kids. And, when kids go outside, they automatically become clumsy for no reason.

Consider engaging the kids by providing them with something they would forget about what's going on around them, such as giving them paper sheets, drawing books and pencil colors, and crayons so the parents can enjoy the wedding without getting distracted. 

Your guests won't just love this act but remember it as your hospitality. There are many ways to keep the kids engaged throughout the event. Search the internet and find the ones that suit your budget and venue. 

Add a Thrill to Your Big Day

Primarily and traditionally, couples leave the reception in a fancy car or a vintage vehicle. Skip the idea of having a vintage car to drive away the bride and instead bring the thrill by taking a ride on a bike. 

It won't be a delightful moment for the couple, but the guests would also enjoy it. So maybe you can get viral on social media for a motorcycle ride with your bride. 

Provide Guests Transportations

Whether your reception venue is within walking distance or miles, providing the guests' transportation facility is a good gesture. They won't just love you for it, but it will also kill a lot of hassle. Such as you won't be hearing about one of the guests who didn't make it to the reception etc. 

Get your transportation to the second venue and eliminate the chances of having trouble on your big day. You can hire a golf cart or a tour bus for transportation. They can be decorated with flowers and bouquets to make them look fancy. 

Food Truck

After having endless fun and entertainment at the wedding, your guests would be waiting to be fed. However, just because you are looking for a unique wedding doesn't mean you have to serve a 5-star level meal at the wedding. 

Go beyond the traditional ways of hosting the guests. Instead, have a food truck pulled and serve hamburgers, barbeque, steak, and other fast food items.

Mostly, people don't enjoy having heavy meals at special occasions like weddings, and the fast food idea is perfect for everyone to enjoy the meal. Also, use elegant disposable serving ware for weddings to make clean-up hassle-free. 

Smarty offers a wide range of disposable wedding party supplies that aren't elegant and fancy but come at a fraction of the cost. Look around and plastic party supplies for the wedding to clean up like a breeze.