What Are Summer Wedding Colors?

If you're planning to decorate your wedding in Summer, a wide range of vibrant colors awaits you. These vibrant Summer colors will not only make your Summer wedding party stand out, but they'll also make your guests feel better and pleased with the overall atmosphere of the venue.

It's a psychological fact that colors do have a significant influence on human behaviors. This is why specific colors are associated with some emotions like red is for love, anger, war, and courage. Green is associated with nature and calmness, while beige and blue are considered to be sad and muted colors.

Since weddings are about expressing love, care, and kindness to your partner and guests, choosing the colors that can make your wedding venue look stunning is recommended.

We've listed a fantastic color palette that is best for weddings in Summer.

Light Pink and Light Blue

It's the most epic color combo you'll ever find at weddings. There's a lot of room to play with these colors since both of these colors are light and provide a pleasing effect.

You can decorate your tables with light blue table cloths and light pink roses in an eye-catching centerpiece. The centerpiece can be a glass vase that represents an artwork, or it can be one of those DIY flower vase projects.

The light pink color denotes sensitivity and kindness, which is something one should seek for.

You can also add a flavor of light blue color by adding Hydrangea flowers and placing them nicely with the delicate pink flowers. Surprisingly, the light blue color is a color that makes you feel calm and stable.

Sky Blue and Peach

Adding a peach color to your summer wedding party is like putting a cherry on the cake. You can decorate your wedding tables by adding peach slush that gives your table a colorful look. It is also a refreshing way to make your guests feel comfortable in the sizzling heat of summer.

Here's one of the most delicious recipes for making peach slush at home. You can maximize the volume of every ingredient depending on the number of guests you're having. To make one serving, you'll need:

  • 1½ cup of Carbonated water (sparkling water).
  • 2 cups of pure peach juice.
  • 1 tbsp raw honey
  • 3 tbsp orange juice
  • Pinch of sea salt

Mix everything in a plastic cup and place it in a freezer. After three hours, take out the slush and break all the ice crystals with a fork. Stir it well and freeze it for another half an hour. Your amazing slush is ready!

You can use different fruits and try different flavored slushies.

White and Green

The most natural and eye-catchy themes can be crafted with just these two colors. Green floral arrangements would bring a natural look to your wedding. You can hang plants wall to wall for a mesmerizing backdrop. You can borrow some from your friends or neighbors if you don't have many plants at home.

Apart from decor ideas, you can also use this color combination in bridal dresses. Looking out for dresses with these colors would make a bridal dress look stunning and glamorous. A wide range of green shades can be used to create a dress that looks more unique and stunning.

Blush and Gold

The shiny gold has all its glamor with it. But things get really interesting when coupled with a not-a-bright color like Blush. So keep the bridal dress white and ask bridesmaids to wear blush-colored dresses. 

Now it's time to add some gold! At Kaya, you can shop for disposable plate sets by color. So source your elegant disposable plates in gold color and enjoy your wedding like a champ. At Smarty, we have a wide range of colorful plastic plates which you can use to make your wedding decor look more fascinating.

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So, blush is for the dress and gold is for the table! What else do you need to make your summer wedding look unique?

Yellow and Fuchsia

Let's bring some really bright colors to the party.

Yellow is not a standard color for weddings, but it can do wonders if used smartly! Ask the bridesmaids to wear the same shade of the yellow dress, no matter the design. Let them pick their favorite design, but the shade should be the same. The bridal dress would go with pure white color to create a perfect contrast.

Keep the wedding cake on the reddish side of Fuchsia, and the overall theme must follow a Fuchsia color palette. You can also use more colors to avoid any mess. If you can source the Fuchsia flowers, placing them in the center would be great to create an epic centerpiece.

Gray and Navy Blue

This color combination might be last on the list, but it doesn't mean it has less charm. Navy blue is a color you can use in pretty much any season. The bridesmaids' dresses can go with a darker shade of gray and keep the bridal dress white; it just looks gorgeous.

For the groom's dress, navy blue would be a perfect choice. Moreover, you can also create a stunning background by using navy blue net cloth or curtains.

Pink and Copper

Copper is such a unique color to blend in a summer wedding party. Orange can be used along with a copper color decor to make things stand out. In contrast, pink would be a better option to go with. You can play with this combination in decor, dresses, dinnerware selection, and food recipes.

It's about making your big-day memorable for the years to come, so everything must be arranged professionally. Summer weddings provide an excellent opportunity to try crazy color combinations. Set yourself free, and try multiple colors to see which one suits your fantasy!