What Are the Best Flowers for an Autumn Wedding?

Flowers are considered a significant part of any wedding regardless of the seasons. As a result, it has become a tradition to wear flowers on the wedding day, and they also play a crucial role in wedding decor.

Flowers symbolize fertility and fidelity to welcome the coming up roses, which were initially started by ancient Romans when they made flowers an integral part of the bridal look so that she would walk with a spring in her step.

Autumn Wedding Flowers

Autumn is a great season for weddings because just like you cannot get everything in one go in life, many of your favorite flowers might not be available in autumn. 

But you don't need to worry. This article will provide the best floral options you can choose while planning your marriage in autumn.


Roses would add the most glamor to your wedding, like anything. So roses are essential to your wedding floral decor if you need to rock your nuptials. 

Some people do not like a whole-red wedding. If you don't, we have an excellent idea for you. You can simply make a mishmash of red and other flowers, and roses would never be misfits in any decor.


We believe Gerberas used to be very underrated at one time, but these flowers have smashed the market during the recent few years and have gained much more popularity than any other high-rated flower.

Gerberas are available in many different, elegant, and fancy bright colors. There is a vast range that you can choose from and make a choice for your marriage decor. All the colors are pretty appealing, but Orange gerbera is the killer. So choose orange; trust me, orange gerbera will not disappoint you.

Calla Lilies

The stunning calla lilies should be considered a blessing. However, we don't understand how a person can skip Calla lilies at his wedding. Not including calla lilies in your autumn wedding will be a crime.

You can include these flowers in your bouquet, giving your wedding a classic and traditional look.


Some people take hydrangea as an old-fashioned flower and do not consider including this in their wedding. But it is a mistake according to me, especially when planning your wedding in autumn. Do you know why?

Because hydrangea has interesting facts, it changes its color into gorgeous colors like blue, sea green, burgundy, and purple in autumn. And who will not want the glory of these colors at their wedding? 

Try some Hydrangeas in your home decor today, and we bet you won't be able to think of any other flower. 


Sunflowers need to get the credit they deserve, and we have seen very few sunflowers in floral decor for weddings. And that's disappointing. How can a person not include sunshine in one of the most beautiful days of his life?

Sunflowers symbolize sunshine everyone needs in their lives, so they should get in the decor market, which would set a new trend in marriage decorations.


Dahlia is a mixture of deep burgundy and orange colors, which keeps flowering in more significant amounts, especially during autumn months. It's a beautiful flower to consider when you would sit to plan your wedding decor. 

It not only gives a stunning look but will set a different, unique appearance in your wedding that will surely grab the guest's attention. So get yourself some dahlias before they get short in the market. 


Carnation is the lucky flower available throughout the year, so it can significantly enhance your wedding in autumn. It looks gorgeous when used solo, but it makes an outstanding combo when paired with roses. Ranunculus, a treatise on carnation, makes an impressive combo with rose.


It is a unique flower that breaks the tradition of flowers standing up and hanging down, making a glorious look. It is mainly added to bridal bouquets to make them fancy and stylish.


Stock is a tall flower that goes well with large floral arrangements like weddings. It is similar to delphinium and snapdragons and is a great option when the weather starts to cool slightly and there is an end season for summer blooms. Stock is there to help you in rocking your decor.

Fall Themed Weddings

Fall is when weddings are at their peak; thus, if you need to get yourself enough flowers for autumn, your event might seem incomplete, just like it will be without disposable tableware. Plastic tableware for weddings is so revolutionary that only some people seem to know its true importance.

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Wrapping Up

Autumn is a season when a lot of popular flowers are rarely available. But it is an excellent season for weddings having a sweet and sour mix of hot summers and pretty cool winters. So naturally, everybody dreams of planning their wedding in such a season. 

You can enjoy the season or enjoy the wedding decor with your favorite flowers. But there is no need to worry; many flowers give a classic look to your wedding and make a perfect place in your heart. Most of those flowers are discussed above in the article. 

So, good news for you, consider the autumn flowers discussed above, and you can plan your autumn wedding with charming floral arrangements and value sets. Check out our new arrivals for more ideas. We bet our collection will make your wedding look unique and classy.