What Are the Pros and Cons of Using Plastic Silverware?

Cutlery/silverware also comes under question when planning a party table. There are a lot of factors that one thinks of while deciding on the cutlery and makes the decision. Some want decorative cutlery to match the theme, and some prefer that it offers easy and hassle-free cleanup.

However, the cutlery should always be chosen carefully, as these pieces of serving ware would come in direct contact when guests have their meal. And, it shouldn't lack anything from being stylish to giving some premium feel when holding it. 

The market is flooded with plenty of silverware options. Still, plastic silverware always seems to be the top priority of people either while planning any event, traveling, or even for household use.

In this blog, we'll discuss the pros and cons of plastic silverware to make it easier for you to choose the best and ideal cutlery set according to your usage.

What are the Pros of Using Plastic Silverware?

Easy On Pocket

One of the dominant factors that force everyone to choose plastic silverware is the price tag they come at. However, plastic silverware is one of the most inexpensive cutlery sets that one can get for casual use to host a large crowd on a special occasion. 

People usually have two choices when hosting a long list of guests at a party. The first option is to rent the silverware, which is quite expensive and would need to be paid per person, and the second option is to buy the cutlery sets. 

The silverware and stainless steel cutlery sets that are perfect for formal settings or even casual get-togethers might cost arms and legs when hosting a large party. That's where the plastic silverware becomes accessible in the pocket. 

If you are a person who gets to throw parties frequently, buying the plastic silverware set in bulk is just like a piece of cake. They are affordable to any budget; no matter how many people you host at the party, plastic silverware will never be intricate in your pocket. 

Hassle-Free Cleanup

Another thing that makes plastic silverware fall on the top of the most convenient silver list is hassle-free cleaning. The disposable plastic cutlery makes cleaning up the after-party mess more effortless and convenient, no matter how big your event is. 

At the end of the party, all you would need to do is swipe all the dirty plastic silverware with your hand into the trash bag, which cuts the efforts in half. It also saves the cost of water, Liquid dish detergent, sponges, etc.

Easily Storable

Plastic is very lightweight compared to metal and stainless steel cutlery sets. The light feature of the plastic cutlery sets makes them quite convenient to store. On the other hand, they don't cover as much space, as you can easily stack them on one another. 

The metal silverware is difficult to store, as there are preventive measures to be taken in order to avoid erosion. They couldn't be saved piled like plastic silverware; instead, they must be racked apart in plastic film.

Being easily storable brings valuable benefits to the people who throw parties frequently or have guests often. You can buy plastic cutlery sets in bulk without worrying about space. The concept of buying in bulk is an idea for savings. 

The more considerable volume you buy of fancy plastic silverware, the more you save per set. You can buy the fancy plastic silverware from Kaya in bulk to kill the hassle of making short shopping trips to the market each time you throw a party or need to buy plastic cutlery sets. 

Zero Maintenance Cost

When storing disposable flatware, it needs zero maintenance; if you store it for a more extended period or repeatedly use it, it won't be damaged or eroded. However, compared to real silverware, there's a maintenance cost and a little hassle one must deal with from time to time. 

The real silverware needs to be carefully washed, and if not cleaned after using vinegar or coffee, it would require a prewash with hot water. Then, there's also a polishing cost to maintain its shine and originality for an extended time. Or otherwise, replacement would be required. 

What are the Cons of Using Plastic Silverware?


There's a long list of pros for plastic silverware; however, there are some sacrifices too one has to make when adopting disposable cutlery as their primary tool for tableware. Plastic is usually a flexible material as compared to stainless silverware. 

The flexibility of the plastic cutlery sets enables them to be bendable with a little firm force. However, stainless steel is almost impossible to bend with your hands. In addition, the durability factor of the plastic silver makes it a little dangerous for kids.

However, this can be avoided by having the parents watch the kids at the party while handling the plastic cutlery. Then, besides the kids, grown-up adults won't have any issues using plastic cutlery. 

Create more Trash

Most people get frustrated by the quickly filled trash bag, which makes the plastic cutlery a deal breaker for them. However, plastic cutlery is usually made for single-purpose use and is supposed to be disposed of after a single use. 

However, if anyone prefers to reuse them, there's nothing wrong with using plastic cutlery. And this is the best way to avoid quickly filling your trash bag. Reusing disposable silverware for parties and other special events wouldn't be an appropriate way, but it's suitable for household use. 

Not as Sharp as Regular Knives 

Since plastic isn't a firm material to cut hard food into pieces, it's also counted in its cons. The metal knives have sharp edges, which makes it quite convenient to cut the food into details; however, the plastic cutlery lacks it. It can cut, but with a little bit of effort. 


In this blog, we discuss the pros and cons of using plastic cutlery. There's a long list of pros that come with disposable cutlery, but at the same time, there are a few cons too one has to bear. However, some cons can easily be covered if one buys disposable plastic silverware from The Kaya Collection.