What Do You Put in Wedding Favor Jars?

Wedding jars always seem a favorable option to wrap up the wedding favors for your guests. This is because they are pretty famous and trendy when it comes to wedding favors. And, there are reasons which make them the perfect way to present wedding favors.

They are adorable, easy to create for any DIY project, and, most critically, affordable options. You can never go wrong with any creative idea to beautify them. The same goes for what to put in the wedding favor jars. 

As long as your guests love the inside contents in the jars, you can put anything in them. But if you are looking for some excellent ideas to fill up your wedding jars. We have got you covered. In this blog, we have added some most incredible, creative, and unique ideas so you can impress your guests at the wedding. 

Sweet Treat 

Who doesn't love marshmallows? They are everyone's favorite, and that's why almost everyone grew up enjoying childhood. So consider filling up the adorable mason jars with marshmallows, hot chocolate, and white chocolate chips because everyone would love them.

Here's how you can make Sweet Treat Jars: 

What Do You need?

  • White chocolate chips.
  • Marshmallows. 
  • White chocolate hot mix.
  • Mini spoon. 
  • Plastic bags. 
  • Plastic coffee mug.  
  • White ribbon. 

How do you make it?

First, fill the mini plastic bag with all the sweet contents, white chocolate chips, marshmallows, and white chocolate hot mix. Ensure you distribute all of the contents equally in a plastic bag. Next, attach a card to the ribbon with a sweet note you want your guests to read before opening it.  

You can use the mason jar to put the plastic bag inside, but it's preferable to use the plastic coffee mug, as it looks more adorable. Get fancy plastic mugs at "The Kaya Collection." We have a wide variety of wedding party plastic mugs - perfect for making epic and enchanting wedding favors for your guests.

Note that you need the best disposable mugs for weddings; you can't compromise on the quality. You will put them on your wedding tables - there's no way they don't look gorgeous. That is why we suggest you have our disposable plastic mugs and disposable coffee mugs of premium quality.

Local Jam Wedding Jars

Wedding jars are all about entertaining your guest's taste buds. And, when it comes to the taste buds, sweet treats are the favorite of everyone. So, filling up the mason jars with the jam is also a good idea to share the happiness by making your guest's mouths sweet. 

Consider filling the jars with jam you made at home, or you can buy it from the local market. Make sure you buy the local one, to make them taste the different one. Label the masons' jars with the ingredients of the jam, so if anyone's allergic, they should avoid it.

Scented Candles

Candles are always classy and perfect for adding ambiance and a glow to the atmosphere. They can be the ideal wedding favor for guests looking for a romantic gift. Scented candles are the perfect option to put inside the jars.

With the fantastic scent of the candles, they will use them to set the mood and aesthetics. There are a lot of scented candle varieties. Citron Blossom Cassis, Red Currant, Persimmon, and Indonesian Patchouli Amber are the best.

Decorate the mason jars to make them even more adorable. You can use stickers, ribbons, flowers, and greenery to make them stand out.

Cookies Mason Jars

Everyone loves cookies and especially the cookies wrapped up in the mason jar. So fill up the elegant mini mason jars with the cookies and wrap them up with the rope to provide a nautical theme. 

You can purchase the cookies locally or bake them yourself to impress the guests with your cooking and baking skills. Don't forget to label the mason's jars for a personalized touch. It can be a handwritten label or a printed one.

You can use the fabric to make the mason jar wedding favor look even more elegant. Just grab a piece from the local store and cut it into 5-inch pieces depending on the size of the jars. Then, cover half the jars with the fabric and tie the fabric pieces with the ribbon. 

Sometimes tying the ribbon is a two-person job, but with a little more effort, you can do it yourself.

Tea Light

Lighting is a perfect way to add ambiance to the atmosphere, and what else could be the better way to light up the mason jars with tea lights? They entirely change the atmosphere, whether it’s outdoors or inside. 

Use the mason jars as the tea light holder. Take the hint for the color scheme of your wedding and make them match the wedding decor. You can use them as your wedding decor to bring ambiance and aesthetics. Guests can take them home as a wedding favor when they are leaving. 

Flowers Vase

If you are looking for simple and elegant wedding favor, consider giving your guests a mason jar vase. That is a perfect wedding favor idea to follow. 

Your guests can use the mason jar vase to place their favorite flowers and hang them on the wall. Moreover, it will be the ultimate way to make your guests recall your special day. 

To make the mason jar vase, all you need to do is to get fresh flowers from the farmer's market and make the jars hold them. Next, decorate the jars externally according to your wedding theme. Finally, you can wrap them up using floral and greenery.

How to Decorate the Mason Jars?

We have discussed what you can put in the mason jars for the wedding favor. However, decorating the mason jars is also vital to consider - so they stand out in the scene. There are endless creative ways to decorate these mini guys.

How you decorate the mason jars for the wedding favors depends on your wedding theme, color scheme, and decor. Consider your color scheme and the wedding, and incorporate them into the mason jar's decor.

Depending on your wedding, you can decorate them by painting them using vibrant or rustic colors. Then, you can use fancy fabric, lace, and ribbons to wrap them up for elegant and fancy touches.