Which Type of Dinnerware User Are You?

Throughout the advancement and progress of generations, people have always strived to make their dining experiences more meaningful. This proves that the dining experience is an important aspect of our lives. Choosing the right type of dinnerware can influence the dining experience. You need to be aware of the different kinds of dinnerware to prevent embarrassment in informal or formal events where the dinnerware is different from what it should have been.

We provide all types of disposable party dinnerware and elegant disposable dinnerware sets. Our plastic plate set, plastic dinner plates, disposable charger plates, fancy plastic plates, disposable eco-friendly plates, and china-like dinnerware make your table look ravishing. But first, you should know the different types of dinnerware to pick what suits your party theme.

Disposable Party Dinnerware

When catering for events, whether it's a birthday party, wedding anniversary, or bridal shower, the elegant disposable dinnerware sets suit perfectly well. Disposable plates and disposable charger plates are highly convenient and hygienic as they can only be used once. They are light in weight, affordable, and do not require to be cleaned and washed. Our elegant disposable dinnerware sets are perfect to be used at a kid's party because of being available in a variety of colors.

Best Quality BPA Free Plastic

Our disposable party dinnerware is made from high-end, best quality BPA-free plastic, which makes our plastic plate set, fancy plastic plates, plastic dinner plates, and disposable charger plates 100% safe to use and environment friendly. The disposable plates made from food-safe plastic do not leach into the food and have no harmful effects on the meal.

China-Like Dinnerware

‘China’ is used for any type of dinnerware whose designs recall China porcelain. Most China-like dinnerware is vitrified to make it bacteria-resistant. China-like dinnerware is mostly made from the highest quality plastic materials to form detailed shapes. Our China-like dinnerware is available in many different designs, styles, shapes, and colors to help you set a one-of-a-kind party tablescape.


Ecoware is gaining popularity these days, and for the right reasons. Eco dinnerware and flatware are made from palm leaves and sugarcane. This is the most economical and eco-friendly choice. What makes it great to use is its tendency of being coldproof and heatproof. Ecoware is perfect for both indoor and outdoor events due to its rustic elegance and affordability. And what is more, eco-friendly partyware is commercially compostable and fully biodegradable.