Why Palm Leaf Dinnerware Is a Wonderful Idea for Every Party

Parties are not fun to attend where the food isn’t served right. Serving the food in front of your guests is a great way to make a statement about your personality. So, don’t miss this opportunity at all, and always make sure that your way of serving food is just right.

Keeping in mind the current trend, people are more inclined towards the natural leaf ware for the parties since they look amazing and they’re also easy to dispose-off.

These natural leaf ware are handmade by using fallen palm leaves. You might come across different names for such dinnerware, like palm leaf dinnerware, Areca palm leaf dinnerware, and sugarcane bagasse dinnerware. There’s no chemical used in this entire process of manufacturing Areca leaf dinnerware.

Sugarcane Bagasse Dinnerware

The sugarcane bagasse dinnerware is known to be quite strong because of its primary raw material. These are used mostly in making large dinner plates. They won’t bend easily because of their strong structure.

So, this was just a quick snapshot of what eco-friendly plates are all about. These eco-friendly items can make your party green and give it a natural look.

Natural Design

The natural design of the eco-friendly dinnerware is so epic that most people confuse it with wooden textures. The final product, after cleaning and pressing the fallen leaves, depicts the natural pattern of the wood.

People think that the plates are made from a wooden sheet, but these are just the fallen leaves that are processed without any chemicals to create the desired shapes.

At The Kaya Collection, we offer a wide range of the best palm leaf dinnerware items that you can use to make a statement in front of your guests. Our areca leaf dinnerware is the best natural disposable item that you can get to make your party hassle-free.

These compostable leaf dinnerware will help you keep the environment safe and it helps in easy cleaning after a long party.

The square-shaped palm leaf plates look so adorable that they create a whole new vibe. It can be a great option for almost any type of party theme. You can couple it up with a vintage party, a jungle-themed party, a kids’ fun party, a birthday party, and many more.

Benefits of Using Eco-Friendly Dinnerware

By having palm leaf dinnerware for any party, you don’t have to put yourself under stress. Our dinnerware sets are disposable which makes it easy to wind up a party.

Throwing a party might sound fascinating but cleaning the after-party mess is extremely hectic. The excitement of a party quickly turns into a nightmare when you’ve to clean all the mess, and it becomes more frustrating when you’ve to do the dishes.

This is where the use of disposable eco-friendly dinnerware comes in. It helps you throw a party that doesn’t get over your nerves.

Along with being compostable, our eco-friendly dinnerware will decompose naturally. It usually takes 60 days for this eco-friendly dinnerware to completely decompose.