Win Over Any Leprechaun with Our St. Patrick’s Day Party Decor

St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated on 17 March. Everyone around the country seems to indulge in this day’s activities and celebrate it with spirit. Apart from going to church in the morning, dancing and enjoying the meal with your favorite people is a must. 

There are plenty of other activities that one can do to celebrate this day to its fullest. Like throwing an epic party on 17 march can be a perfect choice to celebrate this day. Enjoy this day by decorating and dressing your home and tables with lovely decor ideas that we have brought for you. 

Read on to find out the lovely and gorgeous decor ideas for your St. Patrick’s day party. 

Dress up your Home

You don’t want to leave a bad impression on your guests. So, dress up your home by giving it appropriate decor. Decorations include everything that will be present in the scene. Everything should play its role to enhance the overall decor. 

Replace your furniture cover, clean up your walls & ceilings, and everything you think will be presented in the scene. Next, get the party supplies to decorate to dress up you’re and make it ready for the party. Mostly, green is the color that’s preferable on St. Patrick’s day decorations.

Whether it’s an indoor or outdoor party, bring greenery and flowers to the scene as they will provide a vibrant look to your decor. Create plenty of simple paper clovers of the fourth heart and hang them on the walls, windows, and doors. 

Patrick’s Day Table Decor

Whether you are hosting a dinner party for your family or celebrating someone’s birthday, your table should look elegant and stand out at the party. Your guests would be spending most of their time sitting around it, so make it look appealing and elegant. Also, if your table is well decorated, it will complement the other decorations of your party. 

Table Cloth

Spread the bottle green color table cloth on your table as green is a color that shows the affiliation to this day. You can also go with the pure green one, but if you are bored with that one. Spread the bottle green as it looks gorgeous.

Table Velvet

Along with the bottle green table cloth, combine it with the gold table velvet to create a lovely combination. Gold velvet prevents the table from acquiring a pure green look that might seem boring.

Gold Partyware

Choose the green chargers plates for your St. Patrick’ day table. Green chargers will make a direct connection with your tablecloth. On top of them, place white plates with the gold color rim - so it ties with the gold details of your tablescape. Also, check our wide variety of elegant party supplies and decorate your table with our gorgeous serving wares.

Gold Flatware Set

When you have selected the gold chargers and velvet, then consider using the gold flatware set along with them. Gold flatware sets will make your table look pretty with the luxuries-looking gold cutlery sets. For stylish plastic serving flatware sets, check out our wide variety at “The Kaya Collection”.

Decorate the Surroundings with Tall Vases

Grab the tall vases and make them hold the green plants, wrap vases in garland, put some stickers on them and place them on corners. They will prevent your corners from looking vacant. 

Also, you can elevate your table’s decor with vases. Place candies and rocks inside the glass vases and use them as your table’s centerpiece. The elegant centerpiece can transform the entire profile of your table. Get creative and try DYE projects to make a gorgeous centerpiece for your table. 

Decor like Irish

You don’t need to be Irish to appreciate St. Patrick’s day. Instead, pull out some maps, read about the Irish culture, tradition and decorate your home accordingly. That will provide a festive look to your home at the party. 

Hanging the Irish flag is a tradition and culture that Irish people practice on St. Patrick’s day. Moreover, try some Irish dishes, appetizers, and desserts to serve your guests at the party. 

Vases along with Balloons

Grab some elegant vases to hold some fresh flowers. Fill up some colorful green or gold-green balloons and tie them on the top of the vases. It’s spring, and flowers and greenery become part of decorations. Bring flowers and greenery to your decorate and get creative with them to elevate your party’s decor. 

Shamrock Shirt

The day before the party, make a shamrock shirt by the DIY project. There are plenty of tutorials available on Youtube from where you can learn how to create a shamrock shirt for St. Patrick’s. It’s pretty simple and easy to create a shamrock shirt.

Wear the shamrock shirt and ask your guests to also wear such outfits to create a festive environment at the party. 

Set Up a Backdrop

Set Up a photo booth using a green backdrop decorated with shamrocks and green and gold balloons. It will provide a perfect opportunity for your guests to click some epic selfies and photographs at the party. Make sure you have chosen an area that has ample space so your guests can take a group selfie without bumping into another. 

Decorate Entryway

Welcome your guests to the decorated entryway of your home. Decorate your entryway with a rainbow doormat and provide a festive look to your party decor. You can find them online and also can create them at home. Involve your kids with this activity of creating a rainbow doormat. 

Moreover, include the shamrocks in the entryway decoration as they are associated with this day’s celebration. Make sure to spread them everywhere in your home.

Minimalist Rainbow Pom Pom

Get a rainbow color ribbon and or different colors of ribbons and stick them with each other to make a rainbow effect. Use the glue gun to make the process easier and less time-consuming. Hang this DIY Rainbow Pom Pom on your walls, doors, and windows, or you can also use it on your backdrop for the photo booth decor.