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  • 13" White Big Round Disposable Plastic Cake Stands
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13" White Big Round Disposable Plastic Cake Stands

UPC: 810049108915

Approx. top diameter: 13"

Approx. bottom diameter: 5"
Approx. height: 3.75"
Case quantity: 12 Cake Stands
Color: White 
Material: Plastic
Disposable: One-time, single party use
Recycling code: #6 PS Polystyrene
BPA-free: Yes
Enhance the attraction and scrumptiousness of your party cakes with these beautiful white cake stands. Exhibiting beautiful, stylish design and premium quality standards, these fabulous round cake stands will adorn any setting at your luxurious wedding reception, birthday party, baby shower, and other fancy events. And since these disposable cake stands are made of high-end plastic, they are absolutely perfect for busy parties.
These disposable white cake stands are a fun and stylish way to decorate for any occasion. They come with a classic white design that is sure to become a staple feature in any party-ready outfit. In addition, the simple shape of the stand makes this cake stands a good choice for any event.
Avoid messy cakes and sloppy cake decorating with these disposable cake stands. Instead, liven up your party with these attractive disposable cake stands. These fun plastic stands are a great way to make a colorful impression on any party. These disposable cake stands are a hit with kids and adults alike.

Looking for something fun to hand out to your guests at your next party? Have an elegant disposable cake stand to hand out to your guests. These grand cake stands are designed to be easy to transport and use. In addition, these disposable cake stands can be recycled when the party is over to help the environment. These fancy disposable plastic cake stands are a great way to make a lasting impression at any party. The simple and stylish design is great for a variety of occasions.