8 Best Gender Reveal Cake Ideas

Is it a baby girl or a boy? Gender reveal parties are one the most trendy events couples arrange. The time is gone when couples simply used to tell whether it's a boy or a girl. Now, it's done creatively by holding a small celebration with friends and family. 

What is the Gender Reveal Party in 2022?

The gender reveals a party is an event that the pregnant couples arrange to announce the gender of the baby's expected birth. The suitable time for it is near the 7th or 8th month of the pregnancy - when the gender of the baby can be detected. 

However, there are plenty of ways you can plan your gender reveal party, but no matter what theme you choose to go with, you'll need a gorgeous cake for celebration when you're finally revealing it to other family members. 

We've curated a list of 10 best genders reveal cake ideas to help you take the idea of cake for your gender reveal party to the next level.

1. The Cake Covered with Confetti

Confetti is always a part of any celebration, and gender reveals party is a celebration, too, when you cheer up your people for the expected baby. So this confetti cake can't go out of trend. It looks gorgeous, attractive, and definitely mouth-watering to the spectators. 

Your guests wouldn't just imagine having it instantly as a dessert at the party but will also take epic Instagram selfies to post. Moreover, kids also love the confetti, so having edible confetti is the next level idea to make the gender reveal party exciting for kids.

2. CupCake Reveal

Instead of cutting the cake into pieces/slicer to serve the guests, you can have a cupcake for your gender reveal party. These cupcakes look super cute and gorgeous and are perfect for elevating your party decor. Your guests would love eating it while feeling the suspense of being surprised.

You can easily make these in your mouth and design them using your own creative instinct. There are plenty of tutorials on the internet you can use to learn the recipe for it and use the mold to shape them. It's the best budget cake idea for the gender reveal party you can think of. 

3. Cake Reveal Idea - What the Duck is it?

This is the most exciting cake idea for your gender reveal party. It'll surely spruce up the ultimate excitement and suspense in your guests by looking at the What the Duck is it about? 

4. Dripping Frosting Cake

Nothing can make things halt for your guests other than looking at this chic cake with a dripping frosting that reflects as time has stopped. This gender reveals cake isn't just about the display of beautiful colors on the cake; if you use the frosting correctly, it can taste fantastic. 

Moreover, if you are making a cake at home and overuse its colors, playing with the frosting is an excellent way to make it more appealing and gorgeous. 

5. Paint Can Cake

You might have seen a painting that can display gorgeous celebration cakes, but this cake design seems to beat all of them. There's perfection and clarity in replicating the idea of using the little paint cans in the cake. 

You can go with this for a gender reveal party and the baby shower. It'll look outstanding with a bright theme, like a theme with a pink color scheme. 

6. Marble Cake Reveal

If you are after a unique and creative cake reveal idea, the marble cake idea can be the perfect canvas for you to show your creative instinct. Of course, it doesn't look like a unique cake idea, but it seems like an artist has painted a painting on a cake. 

It is easy to make at home. Google up things to find suitable recipes. There are plenty of recipe websites or Youtube tutorials to learn the recipe for marble cake. You just need to be a little creative with the right equipment, and you'll definitely come up with a masterpiece like this.  

7. Rustic Cake Reveal

Wondering about planning a budget-friendly gender reveal party? No worries, there are plenty of ways to still have a gorgeous cake that's easy in your pocket. This rustic cake looks gorgeous yet simple at the same time. 

You can have this rustic cake made from any bakery, and you can further flourish it with the toppings to make it look gorgeous. It'll help you save a few $ on the cake. Don't forget about the lovely banner which reflects your party.

8. Little Ones' Sneaker Cake

This is also an excellent idea for a gender reveal party. It depicts the little ones' cute sneakers on the cake to guess whether it is a baby girl or a boy. You can make the size of this cake according to your party scale to save spending.     

Tips for Throw Gender Reveal Cake

  1. Get an ultrasound done in advance, so you can plan your gender reveal accordingly. 
  2. Choose the cute theme that you and your partner will enjoy. 
  3. Pick the party's time and date so you can plan everything accordingly. 
  4. Send out the invitations timely to give your guests enough to prepare and figure out the preparation they would need to appear at the party.
  5. Apart from arranging a gorgeous cake, plan the food menu for your party to cater to your guests' hunger. 

Equipment & Tools to Use with Cake

When paying a lot of attention to the cake for your gender reveal party, it's essential to work on the other things, such as the cake presentation at the party. A cake stand is a must-have when you're having a cake for any celebrations. 

A cake stand isn't just an appropriate way to put the cake on display at the party but will also elevate its beauty. Also, the disposable plastic cake lifters are useful that'll allow you to serve the cake without ruining the slices.

The disposable nature of the cake supplies will help you speed up the after-party cleanup process. 

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