DIY Snowman Table Centerpiece Decoration

Think of Christmas decor for a second. The first few things that come to mind are decorated trees, snow, and snowmen. Snowmen have always been a part of our Christmas decor, no matter what age we were in. We used to give them different names based on their looks.

The thought of building a snowman still evokes an emotion inside all of us, and we want to unleash our inner child and start building snowmen during the holiday season. It’s completely fine to follow whatever your heart desires and if you want a snowman, then let it be.

Go out in the snow, build some snowmen, give them names and call it a day.

But wait, what if there’s no snow out there on the day of Christmas? That’s no good news, but don’t worry! We are about to tell you something crazy and equally exciting. You can bring a snowman into your home, on your dinner table, even when there is no snow outside. It may not seem like a practical idea, but let us show you something.

Have a look at this gentleman, Mr.Snowman.

This beautiful table centerpiece has been made by using just the tableware. Yes, you heard that right! That’s the beauty of our gorgeous tableware. It can be used to serve, eat in, and decorate a picture-perfect table. Let us tell you how to make this gentleman using just a few disposable plastic products.


Step-by-Step Tutorial

1. Start by placing a large plastic dinner plate first on the table. That will be the trunk of the snowman. 

2. Time to give this gentleman a look by placing two black oval fancy plastic bowls as buttons on the dinner plate.

3. Above the dinner plate, place a smaller disposable salad plate. Make sure the placement is rightly aligned, as shown in the picture. This smaller plate is going to be the headpiece of your snowman.

4. For eyes and nose, you can use our napkins and fold them to give them shapes of eyes and nose.

5. For arms, use our elegant disposable spoon and silver plastic fork. Place them on the sides of the dinner plate that was placed below the salad plate.

The basic structure of the snowman is completed. But this isn’t just a snowman, remember? You’re building a gentleman. It’s time to give him a bow tie and a hat.

6. Take a disposable napkin and fold it to make a small bow tie. It is super simple and requires no time to complete. 

7. Take another napkin and place it beneath the head of your centerpiece. (Refer to the image for the napkin placed beneath its head).

8. Time for one last fold, Take our black napkin with white polka dots and fold it to make a hat out of it. Place it on top of the headpiece of the snowman. This will be the final step to making your snowman.


Hurrah! Your elegant snowman centerpiece is ready to wow your guests. It looks extremely elegant and shows how creative you are with crafts.