Epic New Year Eve Party Themes

New Year is a perfect time to break your old bad habit and make a resolution to adopt someones that benefit you and your loved ones indirectly. However, when making such resolutions, a fresh start needs a welcome year that allows you to forget the old negative vibes of the previous and let the life ahead come to you in a prosperous manner.

A New Year’s eve party would need a theme that would make everyone go motivated and energetic throughout the evening at the party. If you are having trouble choosing a perfect party theme. Here’s a list of some epic party themes that would make your day.

Masquerade Party Theme

If you want a custom party on New Year’s Eve but don’t want it to be a casual custom party, then think about the masquerade party theme. Masquerade party themes are usually formal parties, with lots of fun talks, along with favorite champagne and an opportunity to showcase your best outfit of the previous year. 

When you are throwing a masquerade party, don’t forget to provide your guest masks as a complementary gesture. To add a little mor fun to the party for your guests, give away a prize for the best outfit at the party. 

Moreover, for the decor, try to match your decor with the color scheme you would be using for the party. Any color with accurate decor will get the job done for you. Gold with black and white is the best combination you can ever come with for a masquerade party.

Casino Night Party

If you are new to hosting parties, there are big chances you would be stressed about entertaining your attendees. But not now! Arrange a casino night party on New Year’s Eve, and you won’t need to worry about entertaining your guests.

Setting up a bunch of casino games with a little decor to give a party feeling will make it an exciting night for your young guests. To give it a finishing touch, choose a perfect color scheme for the party theme.

Red, white and black colors are perfect colors for casino night parties. Think of these three colors to help you get the perfect color scheme for your party. Moreover, for games, get help from the internet as there are plenty of new ideas that you and your guest would love.

Epic Party Food Ideas

When you are throwing epic parties and inviting a long list of guests, make sure your guests aren’t bored or running out of party juice. Serve the different drinks, snacks, desserts, and cookies to allow them to graze on throughout the party. 

An epic party needs elegant party drinkware that would help you to serve with style and honor. Smarty offers the fancy champagne flutes for New Year at a fraction of the cost. 

These disposable plastic wine glasses will allow you to wrap your party quickly as they are supposed to be disposed of.