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  • Purple Flat Rounded Square Plastic Salad Plates (7.25

Purple Flat Rounded Square Plastic Salad Plates (7.25")

UPC: 710859382485

  • Approx. inner dimensions: 5 ¾" x 5 ¾"
  • Approx. outer dimensions: 7 ¼" x 7 ¼"
  • Approx. outer rim dimensions: 1 ½"
  • Case quantity: 12 packs of 10 plates
  • Color: Purple
  • Shape: Square
  • Material: Plastic
  • Disposable: One-time, single party use
  • Recycling code: #6 PS Polystyrene
  • BPA-free: Yes

These adorable disposable plastic appetizer/salad plates are a stylish and functional addition to any event or gathering. These plates are made of high-quality, durable plastic that is strong enough to withstand the weight of your favorite appetizers and salads yet lightweight enough to be easily transported and disposed of after use. The flat, rounded square shape of these fancy disposable plastic plates adds a modern touch to your table setting, while the vibrant purple color will catch the eye and make a statement. These plates are perfect for any occasion, from casual backyard barbecues to elegant wedding receptions, and can be used to serve a variety of appetizers and salads.

The 7.25" size of these plates is perfect for individual servings of appetizers and salads, and the raised edges help to prevent spills and keep food in place. The compact size of these plates also makes them easy to store and transport, making them ideal for outdoor events and picnics.

One of the most significant advantages of these plates is that they are disposable, so you don't have to worry about washing dishes after the event. Instead, use them once and throw them away, saving time and effort. Another benefit of these plates is that they are made of high-quality plastic that is BPA-free, ensuring that your food stays safe and free from harmful chemicals. These premium plastic plates are also eco-friendly. They are made of recyclable plastic, which means they can be recycled after you use them, reducing their environmental impact. This makes them an excellent choice for hosting an environmentally conscious event.