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  • Shiny Gold with Black Handle Moderno Disposable Plastic Dinner Spoons

Shiny Gold with Black Handle Moderno Disposable Plastic Dinner Spoons

UPC: 710859380313

  • Length: 8.1"
  • Case quantity: 12 packs of 20 spoons
  • Color: Gold with Black handle
  • Material: Plastic
  • Disposable: One-time, single party use
  • Recycling code: #6 PS Polystyrene
  • BPA-free: Yes

These modern disposable plastic dinner spoons bring a touch of elegance and sophistication to any dining occasion. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these spoons combine the convenience of disposable plastic with the allure of a stylish design. At first glance, the spoons immediately catch the eye with their striking color combination. The handles are sleek and black, exuding a sense of modernity and refinement. The contrasting gold accents add a luxurious touch, creating a visual feast that will impress guests and elevate the dining experience.

Designed for functionality and aesthetics, the spoons offer a comfortable grip and a balanced weight. In addition, the handle's smooth texture enhances the tactile experience, allowing diners to enjoy their meals easily and gracefully. Whether used for stirring a steaming cup of soup or savoring a decadent dessert, these spoons provide a seamless and satisfying dining experience.

These premium dinner spoons are made from high-quality, durable plastic resistant to breakage and bending. This ensures they can withstand everyday use's rigors without compromising their elegant appearance. In addition, the disposable design adds convenience to clean up, making them ideal for busy households, catered events, or any gathering where time is of the essence.

Versatility is another key feature of these exquisite plastic spoons. Whether for formal occasions, such as weddings or corporate events, or casual gatherings with friends and family, these spoons effortlessly complement any table setting or décor. Their timeless design allows them to be paired with a wide range of dinnerware, from classic white china to contemporary glass or acrylic plates. With a length of approximately 6 inches, these spoons are perfectly sized for enjoying soups, stews, desserts, and other culinary delights.