Elegant Table Setting Ideas for the Summer

Summer is not just a season; it's like a complete vibe! Just as specific colors are considered most suitable for summer weddings, different table settings also have a significant impact on making an event more enjoyable.

Whether it's your wedding or a birthday bash, we've got you a list of elegant table settings ideas that will make any of your Summer events make more sense.

Leopard Rage Table Setting

It's a unique way to decorate your table with leopard print dinnerware. You can play with the theme to make your table setting stand out. It can either be a jungle theme with some natural plants placed indoors.

Try to keep the standard table placement setting for this idea; dinner plates go in the middle, dinner knife and soup spoons to the right, forks to the left, and fancy party drinkware in the upper right corner.

Your kids will have a great time with such a fantastic table setting. Add some more elements like centerpieces and plants on the table to make things look natural.

Light Moroccan-Styled Tablescape

Having your table decorated with elements that portray the ancient Moroccan pattern style will be a fantastic idea to try. Decorate your tables with Moroccan-styled dinnerware along with the centerpieces. Your centerpiece can be a vase with Persian-styled printing in which you can place fresh flowers to add a little vintage flavor.

You must be very choosy when selecting the right flowers for the vase. Choosing the type of flowers can really make a statement to your guests. Since you'll be using blue-colored dinnerware, we recommend going with any specie of yellow flowers. It will cast a fantastic contrast on your table's overall feel.

Candles on Feet of Glasses

Place your plastic wine glasses upside down on the tables and place scented candles on top of it. You can use multi-colored candles to make your table bloom! To make it look more attractive, place different flowers inside the bowls of the glasses.

You can use different disposable wine glasses to add diversity to the table. Instead of flowers, you can also place green leaves from your favorite plants or herbs. Thyme, rosemary, or any other herb will do the job well.

You can also use fairy LED lights to light things up. These LEDs will not only make your disposable plastic wine glasses glow but will also bring a whole new vibe to your table decorations.

Change The Way Your Glasses Look

Get creative with the way your glasses look on the table. You can turn ordinary glasses into something unique and mesmerizing by using our elegant plastic wine glasses and decorating them with something special, just like this wedding day surprise.

You can craft their favorite action figures at your kids' birthday parties to let them enjoy their special day. Come up with different ideas for different types of parties by making plastic wine glasses bulk purchase from The Kaya Collection.

Bright Colors for Bright Summer

There are hundreds of different ideas that you can try to decorate your tables with bright summer colors. Place white roses in stemless champagne flutes and fill them with water. Use gold glitter to decorate them from the outside.

You can try different flowers and colored glitters to bring variety to your table. Moreover, instead of filling your glasses with water, you can also use small pebbles and marbles, making them look super attractive.

Instead of using flowers, you can also use natural herbs to make your table look all-natural.

Sunflower Table Decorations

Decorating your table with a sunflower theme will be a great way to celebrate a party in Summer. Place a bunch of sunflowers in a glass vase and place it right in the center of the table as a centerpiece. Keep the dinnerware simple to make the centerpiece the center of attention.

You can plan an outdoor windy brunch party but make sure you have enough supply of lemonade. Summer parties are primarily stocked with a sufficient supply of drinks to keep the guests cool and hydrated.

Make Watermelon a Centerpiece

Empty a watermelon and use it to make a fantastic slush. Don't throw away its shell (rind). Instead, use it as a bowl to serve fresh fruits, and you can also serve slushies in it. Use different watermelon rinds for different types of slushies.

Instead of serving slushies, you can also use them to serve chilled fruits that your guests would love to take as an appetizer. But, of course, the fruits must be chilled to provide the most delicious taste.

Get Creative with Napkins Indoor

If you don't want to throw an outdoor party in Summer, you can get creative indoors. Try to create creative napkin folds and place them on your dinner plates. Try to keep your dinnerware simple yet elegant. You can use standard white-colored dinner plates so your guests can focus more on your creative napkin folds.

Similarly, you can use a printed tablecloth with attractive designs to make your table look glowing and eye-catching.

Feature Green Color on Summer Parties

It's not always about bright colors when it comes to Summer parties. You can even try some light colors that don't usually resemble Summer parties, but they can make your party look fascinating. 

Use green color to add a natural theme to your party by placing a green tablecloth and some fresh plants in the center of the table.

It will not only make your party look fresh but also give it a minimalistic look that can be a perfect option for formal party events. For example, the dinner knife and spoon go on the right, the dinner plate goes on top of a charger plate and sits in the middle, the forks go on the left, and all the drinkware goes on the top right corner of the table.

This party theme will be the best option for business meetups, weddings, and all other formal party settings that one can think of.