How to Set an Elegant Thanksgiving Table?

Do you ever notice that food with well-organized settings tastes differently and is tasty? Well, organized tables with formal settings attract the human mind, and the right light tone makes us feel hungry. That's why most restaurants use warm colors of lightning so you feel more hungry and they can have better sales. Here, you will learn how to set an elegant thanksgiving table and leave your good impressions on your guests.

An Elegant Table

It's significant to learn how to set up an elegant table, this way you will also come to know about how you should eat properly with etiquettes when invited to a formal dinner. Moreover, setting up an elegant and formal table isn't rocket science or a math formula, but there are simple tips you will need to get yourself armed with to make every table setting look stand out. 


The tablecloth is the first thing for a table set up to consider as it helps to provide the table with quite a decent look. A linen-like tablecloth makes the table look beautiful and gives a wholesome different feeling when touched.

Table Centerpiece 

The table centerpiece is a decoration area where you can place anything that makes the table look more appealing. For example, you can use the large bowl filled with water and add floating candles to it. 

You can use the flowers as a centerpiece of the table but make sure the flowers aren't bushy as they would block the view to see through, causing annoyance to your guest when they are in conversation.

Labeling Seats

If you aren't expecting too many guests, you can label the chairs with their names. It's a good impression and gesture to make them feel special and welcomed. However, if doing labels isn't your thing, then direct them to their seats once they are there. 

Fancy Napkins

When the guests sit on the chair, the first thing they will look for is a napkin. Fancy and premium quality napkins make the addition to the table's look. So, make sure to have some nice disposable paper napkins for the guests.

For the formal settings, you should also use charger plates. Charger plates come in different sizes and lengths, and their purpose is to serve the dinner plates on top of it. They never come directly in contact with the food. Disposable chargers are in trend these days, so check out our fabulous collection of chargers.

An Elegant Dinnerware

Next and the most important thing that will come in contact with the guest is the dinnerware you serve in. An elegant dinnerware set is the heart of the dining table. You can use colorful plates for salad and white china as dinner plates.

Moreover, you can use a combination of plates from different dinnerware sets. Like, remaining plates from the broken dinnerware set can be used to create a beautiful combination. 

A disposable dinnerware set is an exquisite alternative to ceramic and china. Consider using disposable partyware for Thanksgiving as it is inexpensive and offers many benefits over the ceramic and china. The Kaya Collection has a wide range of Thanksgiving plastic plates, which are disposable china-like plates and are available at a low budget.