The Complete Guide to Hosting a Thanksgiving Dinner

Have you ever been a host of Thanksgiving dinner? So you are a newbie and panicking over the responsibility! But, no worries, as we are taking you to something you enjoy. 

So here goes the needed to-do list that you can follow and ace the party. 

Hosting a Thanksgiving dinner is not something you can do in a single day; it needs planning and preparation weeks before the day. First, prepare the checklist of what order you would go and how. With this, you can check out the tasks.  

Start with the Headcount

Can you go to any party without knowing the number of people? No, so the first step in your list should be the total number of people attending the dinner. The dinner can be a small gathering, depending on the level. 

Deciding the Menu

Since you're hosting a dinner, all your effort must be directed to the best food and menu. After all, your event is about the food. 

The menu for Thanksgiving is something that you will decide. The most common dish considered the honor of every thanksgiving dinner is turkey, but you can have some must-haves for it. So, go with the taste of your liking, or some people might also desire or hope for something. 

You might also have some add-ons which are your family or friend's favorites. 

Checking for the Availabilities

Can you have any party without proper utensils and supplies? So if you don't want to leave, go through your menu again, and see your available supplies and utensils, keeping the headcount in mind.

If you need some of these, arrange them beforehand. No need to bear the extra expenses. Call some of your besties and ask them to let you borrow them. 

Deciding on the Type of Dinner

Your needs, supplies, and decorations all depend upon and thus may change accordingly. For example, you might decide on the buffet or sit-on dinner. 

You might have to make different preparations as the venue also might change. 

Go for Shopping

Make a list of the things that you need to buy beforehand. It's better to buy all the things that need to be prepared ahead and the spices that can be taken out from your cabinet and carry on with preparation as smoothly as possible. 

Do you want your dinner and arrangements to look elegant? Then, focus on the decorations according to the venue and the type. 

Preparing the Menu Items

If it's your first experience hosting and being responsible for thanksgiving dinner, you will not want to make your day hectic and leave any loopholes as you want to be the hero of the event. 

Among the menu, there might be some things that can be or should be prepared well before the dinner date, like dough and some defrosting items. Such activities will make you feel that half of your duties are done, and you will feel things dropping down from your shoulders. 

Some beverages might also be bought and kept safe even without a refrigerator. Such things don't pressure you when done separately but can make you feel the weight when needed to be done among the list of many other things and even on a single day.

Setting the Table and Cleaning the House

You would never want to exhaust yourself on a particular day, even before the party starts. 

So, cleaning the house or the venue thoroughly a day or two before dinner will relax you. Similarly, you can also set the table the night before. 

Prepare the menu as well because the tasks of serving would prove to be enough for you on dinner day.

This will enable you to get the awe of the celebrity when you get nothing extra to do on the day except the tasks of defrosting, preheating, heating some dishes, chilling the beverages, and serving. 

Tasks for the Dinner Day

Are you quick enough to do everything in an hour? Or you might have a misapprehension and misconception that everything is done because the little and minor tasks are enough to exhaust you till dinner. 

Start with the side dishes. Firstly defrost the frozen food. Next, make salads and other things that need chopped vegetables and don't need the stove. 

Heat the dishes before the time, so they may take less time when the serving time comes. Chill the beverages before the guests start arriving. 

Reheat everything when you have to serve, and you are good to go.

Getting the Plasticware

The most important part is getting the disposable silverware ready. Having eco-friendly flatware at your Thanksgiving will make it a genuine gratitude-based event where you thank nature for taking care of you and utilizing natural products.

If you are afraid that eco-friendly flatware might be too bland for your guests, then let us tell you that it's a false narrative. 

You can get fancy plastic silverware quickly and set it on your table to make this occasion worth the celebration. Another unique item to always have is disposable eco-friendly flatware since you can simply use and discard them in the healthiest ways possible. The disposable plastic silverware brings shine to every event, especially Thanksgiving, so keep one of those. 

Have Fun

All that is left for you is to enjoy the people taking sips of the beverages and fulfilling their appetites to the fullest. So feel free to enjoy and celebrate your success with your besties, receive compliments and make the best memories of your life. 

You might like to give the leftovers to the guests also. For that, do manage the containers beforehand. And if you are not distributing the leftover food, rest and enjoy it the next day or two without stepping into your kitchen. 

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