The Best Halloween Party Food Ideas

What should you make for Halloween? Or what you should have on your Halloween party menu? These are the questions that haunt us as the countdown for Halloween has started. Well, worry not, we have come up with the best Halloween party food ideas that you will love making and eating. You don’t need to spend your money on expensive fancy dishes anymore. The food items you will learn about are amongst the best of all, and in fact, ranked up by Pinterest. Guess what? It’s super fun and easy to make these at home. Let’s dive in and find out your best recipe for the next Halloween party.

Pizza Skulls

Do you know pizza rolls that you make in the microwave? Imagine a big version of that, shaped like a skull. That’s how simple it will be to make the pizza skull, even if you are far away from being a chef. Anybody can make these and bring them to your next party.

First things first, you need a pizza skull mold, and you can easily get it online or from any dollar store on sale. Then cut the pizza dough in a rectangular shape so it can fit easily in the pizza skull mold container. Then fill up the skull, sprinkle with little cheese. A little cheese to me and probably a lot of cheese for somebody else. Now fill it up with anything you love to eat in your pizza, and then top up the rest of the skull with more cheese. Now, bake it for 20 minutes and let the microwave do its job to bring up the delicious taste in it. 

Take out your pizza skull from the microwave, and they are ready to be served. Use elegant disposable dinnerware to serve these cute-looking pizza skulls.

Alien Eggs

These are the deviled eggs that are meant to look like alien eggs. These are the easiest ones, and even your kids can do it. Firstly, grab the boiled eggs and start cracking them with a counter method or instead get help from your kitchen knife. Crack the eggs, so they look like cracked dragon eggs. Next, put them in a plastic zipper bag and some food color of your choice and give the eggs a slight shake, so the food color is nice and gets all over the cracks.

Peel off the eggs and see if your hard work paid off, and there’s a cool pattern on there. Then mash the egg yolk and mix it with mayo, mustard, Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, and pepper. And in the final step, fill up the alien eggs with this paste, and they are ready to serve. 

Serving the Halloween Food

After making these wonderful food treats for Halloween, serving is the next step you should be preparing yourself for. Give rest to your regular ceramic plates and bring something like disposable Halloween plates. Disposable includes everything your guest would need at your next Halloween party. Get the Halloween party dinnerware and serve with the style and class.