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  • Solid Black Organic Round Plastic Bowls (32 oz.)

Solid Black Organic Round Plastic Bowls (32 oz.)

UPC: 710859383475

  • Approx. outer diameter: 8 ½"
  • Approx. bottom diameter: 2 ½"
  • Approx. height: 4"
  • Capacity: 32 oz
  • Case quantity: 12 packs of 5 bowls
  • Color: Black
  • Shape: Round
  • Material: Plastic
  • Disposable: One-time, single party use
  • Recycling code: #6 PS Polystyrene
  • BPA-free: Yes

These trendy disposable plastic bowls are a fantastic choice for those who want an eco-friendly option for serving meals at events or gatherings. These bowls are made from high-quality, BPA-free plastic and are completely compostable, making them an excellent choice for those concerned about the environment. The bowls are round and have a capacity of 32 oz., making them ideal for serving large portions of food such as soup, stew, salad, and other hot or cold dishes. In addition, the solid black color of these bowls is perfect for adding an elegant touch to any event, whether a formal dinner party or a casual outdoor gathering.

One of the key benefits of these bowls is their disposable design, which makes cleanup a breeze. After the event, simply dispose of the bowls in the compost bin, and they will break down naturally over time, leaving no harmful chemicals or pollutants behind. Another advantage of these bowls is their sturdiness. Despite being made from compostable materials, these bowls are durable enough to hold even the heaviest dishes without bending or breaking. This makes them a practical and reliable option for those who want to confidently serve meals without worrying about spills or messes.

In addition to their environmental benefits, these bowls are also an excellent choice for those who want a high-quality, stylish option for serving meals. The solid black color of the bowls adds a touch of elegance to any setting, while the round shape and deep design make them ideal for serving a wide variety of dishes.